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[[Image:Abecasis2014Retreat.JPG|750px|center|Group Photo 2014]]
[[Image:Abecasis2015Retreat.JPG|750px|center|Group Photo 2014]]
<!--[[Image:2009.08_Group_Retreat_Photo.jpg|400px|center|Group Photo]]-->
<!--[[Image:Abecasis2015Retreat.JPG|400px|center|Group Photo]]-->
== Mission Statement ==
== Mission Statement ==

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Group Photo 2014

Mission Statement

We are developing and applying computational and statistical tools to further understanding of complex human diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Goncalo Abecasis is currently the Felix Moore Collegiate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Current Members

Research Fellows

Kuser.png Christian Fuchsberger

Kuser.png Alex Tsoi

LarsFritsche crop.jpg Lars Fritsche

International Visitors

Kuser.png Andrea Maschio

Kuser.png Giorgio Pistis

Kuser.png Eleanora Porcu

Graduate Students

Kuser.png Sai Chen

SantyPic.jpeg Sayantan Das

ShuangFeng1.JPG Shuang Feng

HeadOfAlanKwong.jpg Alan Kwong

BenLerch crop.jpg Ben Lerch

SaraRashkin crop.jpg Sara Rashkin

Kuser.png Sebanti Sengupta

Kuser.png Greg Zajac

Kuser.png Tingting Zhou


Laura Head.jpg Laura Baker : Administrative Assistant 2008-Present

TomBlackwell crop.jpg Tom Blackwell

Sean head.jpg Sean Caron : UNIX systems administrator

Kuser.png Kevin Li

MK head.jpg Mary Kate Wing : Applications Programmer working on GotCloud Pipelines, C++ library & tools (libStatGen, bamUtils)

Kuser.png Johanna Forster


Former Research Faculty

Former Research Fellows

Former Doctoral Students

  • Youna Hu (graduated 2012), now a Data Sciences Engineer at A9, a subsidiary of Amazon.com
  • Jin Zhen (graduated 2009), now working in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Former Masters Students

Su Chu

Melinda Curran

Vesela Gateva

Xijing Han

Dan Hovelson

Elizabeth Jewell

Yanming Li

Heather Munro

Nick Seewald

Theresa Scott (nee Daigneault)

Matthew Snyder

Vivian Wang

Yuan Wei

Abigail Woodroffe

Zaojun Ye

Matthew Zawitowski

Anita Yu Zhao

Former Staff

  • Paul Anderson
  • Jan Wigginton


Toshiko Tanakato

Really Useful Stuff