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ftec is a coalescent simulation program developed by Mark Reppell, Michael Boehnke, and Sebastian Zöllner capable of modeling samples drawn from a population which has undergone faster than exponential growth.

Installation and Compilation

1) Download the appropriate .tar file below
2) Place downloaded file in the directory where you would like the program to reside and untar the file
3) Inside the new directory /ftec which has been created enter the command 'make'
4) An executable file named 'ftec' should now reside in this directory, this is the simulator and can be run using './ftec -parameters'.

For information on how to use the simulator see the user's guide below.


ftec requires header files from both the Boost and TCLAP libraries to compile and run. There are 3 available downloads below, differing in which of these library files they contain. File size and download time increase with the inclusion of each set of library files, so a user can select the most appropriate download for their system. If a user's system already includes a library and they download a version of ftec that includes the library's header files the program will compile without problem, so if there is any uncertainty download the larger source file below.

Program files with both Boost and TCLAP header files (50 Mb)
Program files with TCLAP header files (270 Kb)
Program files without Boost or TCLAP header files (80 Kb)

More information on Boost and the Boost Random Number Library
More information on the TCLAP Library


User's guide