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libStatGen Download Instructions


  • This software requires the following to be installed:
    • g++
    • development version of zlib (zlib1g-dev on ubuntu)
    • openssl and md5 (libssl-dev on ubuntu)
  • Compiles on Linux/Unix


  1. From the base libStatGen directory, build the repository:
    • For normal (optimized) mode, type:
      • make or make opt
    • For debug, instead use:
      • make debug
    • For profiling, instead use:
      • make profile
    • For all three (optimized, debug, and profile), type:
      • make all

This builds the library.

Now all of the programs/tools are in separate repositories and can be built separately.


If you are having trouble compiling any of the versions, check libStatGen Troubleshooting for help. If that does not solve your problem, email me for support.

Programs in the StatGen Repository

The list of programs in the repository is documented at: StatGen Programs

Creating your Own Programs Using the StatGen Library

The StatGen Library is part of the StatGen Repository. You can use the library to create your own C++ programs.

Using the StatGen Library