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minimac is a low memory, computationally efficient implementation of the MaCH algorithm for genotype imputation. It is designed to work on phased genotypes and can handle very large reference panels with hundreds or thousands of haplotypes. The name has two parts. The first, "mini", refers to the modest amount of computational resources it requires. The second, "mac", is short hand for MaCH, our widely used algorithm for genotype imputation.


A good rule of thumb is that minimac should take about 1 hour to impute 1,000,000 markers in 1,000 individuals using a reference panel with 100 haplotypes. Performance should increase linearly with respect to all these factors. So, your approximate computing time in hours should be about:


These statistics refer to Intel X7460 CPU running at 2.66 GHz and your mileage may vary; most modern CPUs should be no more than a few times faster (or slower) than that.

Release Date

A public release of minimac is expected here by October 1, 2010.

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