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* The [[Summary Statistics Files Specification for RAREMETAL and rvtests]]
* The [[Rvtests | Rvtests documentation]]
== Download and Build==
== Download and Build==

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RAREMETAL is a program that facilitates the meta-analysis of rare variants from genotype arrays or sequencing (manuscript in preparation). It was developed by Shuang Feng, Dajiang Liu and Gonçalo R. Abecasis. Currently, RAREMETAL is being used for the analyses in Exomechip blood lipids consortium and EMADS.

If you feel the program is useful, please take one minute to tell us your name and email (registration). Thank you!

For questions please contact Shuang Feng via email: sfengsph at umich dot edu.

Useful Wiki Pages

There are a few pages in this Wiki that may be useful to RAREMETAL users. Here are links to a few:

Download and Build

To download rareMetal executable and source code with instruction of build, go to DOWNLOAD and INSTALLATION.

Related Programs

RAREMETALWORKER is a program that does single variant association for sequencing and genotyping array data and generates summary statistics for meta-analysis in RAREMETAL.

LocusZoom is a program that facilitates display of genomewide association scan results.

METAL is a program that facilitates meta-analysis of single-variant genomewide scans.