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The R package rareMETALS2 was an extension of the R package rareMETALS. It was designed to meta-analyze gene-level association tests for binary trait . While rareMETALS offers a near-complete solution for meta-analysis of gene-level tests for quantitative trait, it does not offer the optimal solution for binary trait.

The package rareMETALS2 is under development. It takes summary association statistics generated by rvtests as input. It offers the following unique features

  • 1.) It allows the meta-analysis of samples with related individuals and samples with unrelated individuals, and allows approximate estimate of genetic effect using
  • 2.) It allows the adjustment of covariates in meta-analysis.
  • 3.) It allows conditional meta-analysis of single variant and gene-level associations.

Change Log

June, 14, 2015 0.1 Version released


The R package can be downloaded from rareMETALS2_0.1.tar.gz. It will be eventually released on the Comprehensive R-archive Network.