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Reporting a bug

Please report issues at our GitHub repository issue tracker. When possible, include your platform (Ubuntu, CentOS, Mac OS, etc), as well as any relevant commands and output that can help us to identify the problem.

Incoming update

  • Add an option to store group file from vcf
  • Take snpeff as annotation input
  • When no conditional variant is available, warning is generated but not written to log file.
  • enable reading from .gz annotated vcf
  • add SKAT-O
  • solve the numeric issue of lambda = 0 in SKAT
  • In conditional analysis, when cov matrix between the test variant and its conditioned variants is not invertible, MathSVD still tries to invert that matrix and that leads to weird conditional p values.
  • Optimization for binary traits
  • Memory optimization for gene-based test in large panel