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#: <code>git merge master</code>
#: <code>git merge master</code>
#: <code>git push</code>
#: <code>git push</code>
# Create a release tag
# Create and push a release tag
#: <code>git tag -a gotcloud.1.XX -m 'version 1.XX'</code>
#: <code>git tag -a gotcloud.1.XX -m 'version 1.XX'</code>
# Push tag
#: <code> git push origin gotcloud.1.XX</code>
#: <code> git push origin gotcloud.1.XX</code>
# Create the debian packages
# Create the debian packages

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Software for GotCloud is kept in a git repository on github.

We also create a Debian package and tar file for GotCloud.

To release a new version of GotCloud:

  1. I recommend creating a new directory:
    cd ~/dev
    git clone git@github.com:statgen/gotcloud.git
    cd gotcloud
  2. Build the source
    cd src
  3. Run the tests, ensure they all succeed
    ./gotcloud align --test testDir
    ./gotcloud snpcall --test testDir
    ./gotcloud ldrefine --test testDir
    ./gotcloud indel --test testDir
  4. Update the version number (if you have not already).
    • Edit release_version.txt
    • Commit the new release number
      git add release_version.txt
      git commit -m "Release 1.XX"
    • Push to github
      git push
  5. Checkout latest branch and merge master & push
    git checkout latest
    git merge master
    git push
  6. Create and push a release tag
    git tag -a gotcloud.1.XX -m 'version 1.XX'
    git push origin gotcloud.1.XX
  7. Create the debian packages
    • Generate the packages
      debian/makedeb.sh bin =
      debian/makedeb.sh test =
  8. Generate the release notes on github
    On github, login
    Goto Tags, Select "Draft New Release"
    • Select the "Tag version" you created
    • Fill in the release notes
  9. Update wiki release documentation (for full release)
  10. Send Email to google group (for full release)
  11. Install on mario
    • In the gotcloud directory where you generated the deb files, run:
      debian/install_gotcloud_without_root.sh 1.16 /net/mario
    • Install the latest gotcloud in the gotcloud.old directory (named by version) so someone can run a specific version
      debian/install_gotcloud_without_root.sh 1.16 /net/mario/gotcloud.old
    • Rename to the version name:
      mv /net/mario/gotcloud.old/gotcloud /net/mario/gotcloud.old/gotcloud.1.XX
  12. Send email to csg group to inform them of the newly installed version on the cluster and of any relevant changes
    • gotcloudUsers@umich.edu