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Association Options
* Currently, CMC type burden test, Madsen-Browning burden test, Variable Threshold burden test and SKAT are provided in '''RAREMETAL''', by specifying --burden, --MB, --VT and --SKAT.
* --maf specifies the minor allele frequency cutoff when doing gene-based or group-based burden tests. Variants with maf '''above''' this threshold will be ignored. The default is maf<0.05.
* In a study of sample size N, if a site is monomorphic or not reported in vcf/ped, it is considered that the sample size of this study is not large enough to sample the rare allele. Thus, this study contributes 2*N reference alleles and 0 alternative allele towards meta-analysis. To let such studies contribute no alleles towards pooled allele frequency, specify --altMAF.
==== Conditional Analysis====