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= Introduction =
'''Minimac4 ''' is a latest version in the series of genotype imputation software (- [preceded by [[Minimac3|Minimac3]](2015), [[Minimac2|Minimac2]] and (2014), [[Minimac|minimac]](2012) and [[MaCH|MaCH]] (2010). '''Minimac4''' is a lower memory and more computationally efficient implementation of the original algorithms with negligible fall in imputation quality.
lower memory and more computationally efficient implementation of the genotype imputation algorithms in . '''Minimac3''' is designed to handle very large reference panels in a more computationally efficient way with no loss of accuracy. It accomplishes this by identifying repeat haplotype patterns and using these to simplify the underlying calculations, with no loss of accuracy.= Download =
Minimac3 uses [[M3VCF Files|'''Minimac4 ''' is currently available for testing purposes only. Commonly used reference panels in <font face=Courier>M3VCF</font> filesformat are available for download in [[#Reference Panels for Download | Reference Panels]] (customized minimac3 VCF files) to store reference panel information in .  The Minimac3 mailing list has been renamed as the [| Minimac4 mailing list]. If you were already a compact formmember, thus saving on memory and time required no need to read large datasetsre-join. Users can use Minimac3 to convert standard VCF files to <font face=Courier>M3VCF<If not, please join our [https://font> <font facecom/forum/embed/?place=Courier>M3VCF<forum/font> files can also store preminimac4-calculated estimates of recombination fraction and error, which speeds up later rounds of imputationhelp&umich. edu| mailing list] to get updates about future releases or report possible bugs or email them to Minimac3 outputs results in the form of standard VCF files for easy data manipulation in downstream analysis[ Sayantan Das].''' '''VERSION: 1.0.1 !!! (Updated 12.1.2016) !!!''' '''Github Repo:''' Users can clone from github repository as well : [ Minimac4 Github]  '''Cloning from GitHub is recommened so that updates can be easily pulled back !!!'''

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