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What's New
* '''Approximations - ''' Minimac4 uses some simple approximations to speed up the imputation analyses. The levels of approximation can be controlled by the parameters <code>--probThreshold</code>, <code>--diffThreshold</code>, and <code>--topThreshold</code> (details given in Minimac4 Usage). Higher levels of approximation will reduce the compute time but also marginally reduce the imputation accuracy. We recommend using the default values.
* '''Other Helpful Features'''
** We introduced a parameter <code>--memUsage</code> that will estimate and report the memory required by the imputation experiment. This feature should be useful for users running their jobs on a compute cluster that requires memory specification.
** We introduced some other FORMAT options for the output dosage data which should be sufficient to enable users to retrieve haplotype dosages, genotype probabilities, genotype dosages or any other measure of summary that they want.
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