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What's New
* '''Obsolete Features'''
** In Minimac4, we removed the <code>--doseOutput</code> and <code>--hapOutput</code> options. Please use [[DosageConvertor]] to convert your files to MaCH or PLINK dosage format.
** Currently Minimac4 can ONLY handle M3VCF format files. If your reference panel is in VCF format, please use [[Minimac3 ]] to convert the VCF file to M3VCF (along with parameter estimation) and then use that M3VCF for imputation using Minimac4. The same holds for the option <code>--processReference</code> as well. Although the handle is made available, we will implement it in a later version.
** Parameters such as <code>--rounds</code>, <code>--states</code>, <code>--rec</code>, <code>--err</code> have been deactivated for now until we implement parameter estimation in minimac4.