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Welcome to our brand new wiki!
For basic instructions, see [[basic instructions the Wikipedia Tutorial]].
We suggest using your uniqname as your login ID here. Please DO NOT use your umich kerberos password here.== Sequence Analysis Tools ==
== What Is Available ==We are developing several tools for the analysis of next generation sequence data.
You have come to the right place for documentation of:=== Read Mapping ===
[[Karma|Karma]] - Our fast short read aligner
[[Karma-colorspace|Karma-ColorSpace]] - QUICKSTART on mapping color space reads
=== Variant Calling ===
[[glfSingle]] - Variant calling for a single, deeply sequenced individual
[[glfTrio]] - Variant calling for a single, deeply sequence nuclear family with two parents and one child
[[glfMultiples]] -- Variant calling for multiple, unrelated individuals