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RAREMETAL Documentation

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Software Download and Installation
=== Selecting an Analysis Scheme ===
== Software Download and Installation ==
* University of Michigan CSG users can go to the following:
=== Where to Download ===
* The software package for Linux and Mac (source code included) can be downloaded here: [[Media:raremetal.0.0.2.tgz|software package download]]
=== How to Compile ===
* Save it to your local path and decompress using the following command:
tar xvzf raremetal.0.0.1.tgz
* Go to raremetal_0.0.1/raremetal/src and type the following command to compile:
=== How to Execute ===
* Go to raremetal_0.0.1/raremetal/bin and use the following:
* For example usage, please refer to [[ example command lines]]
== Software Specifications ==

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