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RAREMETAL Documentation

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Brief Description
== Brief Description ==
'''RAREMETAL''' is a computationally efficient tool for meta-analysis of rare variants using sequencing or genotyping array data. '''RAREMETAL''' takes summary statistics and LD matrices generated by [[Rare-Metal-Worker|'''RAREMETALWORKER''']] or [ '''rvtests'''], handles related and unrelated individuals, and supports both single variant and burden meta-analysis. '''RAREMETAL''' generated generates high quality plots by default and has options that allow users to build reports at different levels.
'''RAREMETAL''' is developed by Shuang Feng, Dajiang Liu and Gonçalo Abecasis. A R-package written by Dajiang Liu using the same methodology is [[RareMetals|'''available''']]. Manuscript for this tool is in preparation. Please contact sfengsph at umich dot edu for questions.

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