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1) libStatGen/Makefiles/Makefile.src, edit the settings for OPT_BUILD, DEBUG_BUILD, and PROFILE_BUILD to be (the new part is in bold):
2) raremetal/src/Makefile, add: (I added it on the line right after USER_LIBS is defined.)
OTHER_LIBS = -lgfortran NOTE: this has been fixed by idenifying identifying a bug in makefile. If you still see the same error message, please try the above solutions.
===error while loading shared libraries===
If you are using version 0.4.4 and under, please go to our wiki page to download the newest version [[[RAREMETAL]]]. There was a bug in makefile in older versions of RAREMETAL that could cause this error and it has been fixed. For a quick fix, please go to /raremetal/src and open "Makefile". Then comment out the lines at the bottom of raremetal/src/Makefile that set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Try compiling and see if it works.
===error: BGZF EOF marker is missing in xxx.vcf.gz===
Loading input files...
This problem has been solved. If you are using version 0.4.5 or older, please download the newest version [[[RAREMETALWORKER]]], and then in your command line, add --noeof. If you still see the error message, then you need to check if your bgzip has been updated to current version.
===recommended strategies for debugging===