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See the github history: for a list of the most recent updates to the BAM classes.

Old BAM Review Action Items

Read & Write BAM/SAM Library Software

The software reads the beginning of files opened for reading to determine if it is SAM/BAM. To determine the format (SAM/BAM) of files open for writing, the software checks the output file's extension. If the extension is "bam" it writes a BAM file, otherwise it writes a SAM file.

The library is found in statgen/lib/bam.

BAM/SAM Classes

Class Name Description
SamFile Class used for reading/writing SAM/BAM files and their headers and records.
SamFileHeader Class used for storing the header. Allows access for getting and setting header values when both reading & writing SAM/BAM files.
SamHeaderRecord Class used for storing the tag/value pairs within a given header line.
SamRecord Class used for storing a SAM/BAM Record. Allows access for getting and setting record values when both reading & writing SAM/BAM files.
SamStatus Status value used by the BAM classes for returning the status of the operations.
SamValidator Validates a SAM/BAM Record.
SamValidationError Validation Error Information for a SamRecord.
SamValidationErrors Container for ValidationErrors.
Pileup Template for doing pileups.
PileupElement Base class that can be used for the elements stored in a Pileup.
ErrorHandler Class for handling errors based on the error handling type.
PosList Store refID/position, but does not store values < 0.
SamFilter Class for filtering a SAM/BAM record.
SamFlag Class for getting information from a SAM/BAM flag.
SamReferenceInfo Class for tracking the reference information mapping between the reference ids and the reference names.
SamTags Class for parsing/creating/operating on SAM/BAM record tags.


SAM/BAM Classes FAQs

Usage Examples

Sam Library Usage Examples


BamUtil contains a set of programs that uses this library to operate on SAM & BAM files. It includes tools for converting between SAM & BAM and validating the files. See BamUtil for more information and a description of all the tools.