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===error: zlib.h: No such file or directory===
make[1]: *** [samtools] Error 2
make: *** [../../libStatGen/libStatGen. a] Error 2
If you are using version 0.4.4 and under, please go to our wiki page to download the newest version [[[RAREMETAL_Documentation#Where_to_Download | '''download RAREMETAL]''']]. There was a bug in makefile in older versions of RAREMETAL that could cause this error and it has been fixed. For a quick fix, please go to /raremetal/src and open "Makefile". Then comment out the lines at the bottom of raremetal/src/Makefile that set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Try compiling and see if it works.
===error: can not find Makefile.base ===
../libStatGen/Makefiles/Makefile.tool:4: Makefile.base: No such file or directory
../libStatGen/Makefiles/Makefile.tool:23: *** first argument to `word' function must be greater than 0. Stop.
This is most likely that you are having an older version of Make. To compile, you have to use Make version 3.80 and older. To get updated version of make, please go to [ '''make download'''].

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