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Release 4.15.0; simplify release notes to point to self-contained repository.
== Useful Wiki Pages ==
There are several pages in this Wiki that may be useful to RAREMETALWORKER users. Here are links to key pages:
* The [[RAREMETALWORKER | '''RAREMETALWORKER documentation''']]
* The [[RAREMETAL_Documentation | '''RAREMETAL documentation''']]
* The [[RAREMETAL FAQ | '''FAQ''']]
* The [[RAREMETAL_Change_Log | '''Change Log''']]
== Where to Download =GitHub===
We have tested our All source code package is available on several platforms, including Linux/Ubuntu, Linux/Debian, Linux/RedHat, Linux/CentOS, Mac OS X 10.8, CygWIN64 and MinGW for Windows.GitHub:
From version 4https://github.9, RAREMETALWORKER and RAREMETAL source code are distributed within the same package. For source code for each platform, please go to the following:com/statgen/Raremetal
* [[Media:LINUX_raremetalSee README.0md for instructions on how to compile RAREMETAL for your environment.4It should be possible to compile in Mac OS and Linux environments.9.tgz ‎|You will need '''Cmake''' and '''for LinuxCget''']] available.
* [[Media:MAC_raremetalSince version 4.013.46, RAREMETALWORKER and RAREMETAL are distributed within the same package in this repository.9More information on changes may be found at our [https://github.tgz ‎|'''for MAC OS X''']com/statgen/raremetal/releases releases page].
* [[Media:CYGWIN64_raremetal.0.4.9.tgz ‎|'''for Windows/Cygwin64''']]===SCRIPTS===
====Calculating Odds Ratio from RAREMETALWORKER output====* [[Media:MINGW_raremetal.0.4.9.tgz ‎|If you want to estimate '''for Windows/MinGWOdds Ratios''']] For binary executablesof variants analyzed by RAREMETALWORKER, we only distribute the one for Linux. For the other platforms, we recommend you build from source code that can be downloaded from above. * The binary of RAREMETALWORKER to run on Linux can also be downloaded here: script [[Media:RMW.binary.0.4.9CalculateOddsRatio.tgz|'''RAREMETALWORKER BINARY for''']] == How can help you augment RAREMETALWORKER output with estimated odds ratio to Compile == * gfortran is necessary to build RAREMETAL. If your system does not have it yet, please go to [ '''GNU gfortran'''] for downloadthe last column. * If you choose to build from the source files, you could start from decompress The script can also be found in the RAREMETAL package using the following command: prompt> tar xvf LINUX_raremetal.0.4.913.tgz prompt> cd raremetal_0.4.9 * If you prefer to build two tools all at once6 and later, then do the following: prompt> cd raremetal prompt> make #This builds RAREMETAL and RAREMETALWORKER under bin/ directory.  * If you prefer to build individual tool: prompt> cd raremetal/raremetalworker/src prompt> make #This will build RAREMETALWORKER under raremetal/bin/ directory.  prompt> cd raremetal/raremetal/src prompt> make #This will build RAREMETAL under '''raremetal/binscript/ directorycalculateOddsRatio* If your compiler is adaptable to openmp (parallel computing), then use the following to build RAREMETALWORKER that allows parallel computing. For more about openmp, please refer to [ openMP]. prompt> cd raremetal/raremetalworker/src prompt> make openmp #This will build RAREMETALWORKER under raremetal/bin/ directory. * If you prefer to use the binary file downloaded above, then no compiling is needed, but it is not guaranteed to work due to system and library requirements. ==FAQ== For compiling questions, please go to [ pl''' FAQ'''] for more information.

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