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RAREMETAL Documentation

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Download and Installation
=== Where to Download ===
* The software package for Linux and Mac (source code included) can be downloaded here: [[Media:Raremetal.0.4.4.tgz ‎|'''RAREMETAL DOWNLOAD''']]
* Binary or executable can be downloaded here: [[Media:RAREMETAL.0.4.4_binary.tgz ‎|'''RAREMETAL BINARY DOWNLOAD''']]
=== How to Compile ===* Save it to your local path We have tested compilation using our source code on several platforms including Linux, MAC OS X, and decompress using the following command: tar xvzf raremetalWindows.0.4.4.tar.gz* Go to raremetal_0.4.4/raremetal/src and type the following command to compile: make
For source code and executables together with instructions of building from source, please go to [[RAREMETAL_DOWNLOAD_%26_BUILD |'''DOWNLOAD source and executables''']].
For compiling questionsabout compilation, please go to [[RAREMETAL_FAQ | '''RAREMETAL FAQ'''] for more information].
=== How to Execute ===

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