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Release 4.15.0; simplify release notes to point to self-contained repository.
== Useful Wiki Pages ==
There are several pages in this Wiki that may be useful to RAREMETALWORKER users. Here are links to key pages:
* The [[RAREMETALWORKER | '''RAREMETALWORKER documentation''']]
* The [[RAREMETAL_Documentation | '''RAREMETAL documentation''']]
* The [[RAREMETAL FAQ | '''FAQ''']]
* The [[RAREMETAL_Change_Log | '''Change Log''']]
== Where to Download =GitHub===
===SOURCE CODE===All source code is available on GitHub:
We have tested our source code package on several platforms, including Linuxhttps:/Ubuntu, Linux/Debian,, Linuxstatgen/CentOS, Mac OS X 10.8, CygWin64 and MinGW for Windows.From version 4.9, RAREMETALWORKER and RAREMETAL source code are distributed within the same package. To download source code for each platform, please go to the following:Raremetal
* [[Media:LINUX_raremetalSee README.0md for instructions on how to compile RAREMETAL for your environment.4It should be possible to compile in Mac OS and Linux environments.10.tgz ‎|You will need '''Cmake''' and '''for LinuxCget''']] available.
* [[Media:MAC_raremetalSince version 4.013.46, RAREMETALWORKER and RAREMETAL are distributed within the same package in this repository.10More information on changes may be found at our [https://github.tgz ‎|'''for MAC OS X''']com/statgen/raremetal/releases releases page].
* [[Media:CYGWIN64_raremetal.0.4.10.tgz ‎|'''for Windows/CygWin64''']]===SCRIPTS===
* [[Media:MINGW_raremetal.0.4.10.tgz ‎|'''for Windows/MinGW''']] ===EXECUTABLES=Calculating Odds Ratio from RAREMETALWORKER output==== Executables for RAREMETAL and RAREMETALWORKER can be downloaded in the following. *If these don't work on your platform, you might have want to build from source code which can be downloaded above.*[[Media:linux_executables.0.4.10.tgz|estimate '''for LinuxOdds Ratios''']]*of variants analyzed by RAREMETALWORKER, the script [[Media:cygwin64_executables.0.4.9CalculateOddsRatio.tgz|'''for Windows/CygWin64''']]*[[Media:mingw_exe.0.4.9calculateOddsRatio.tgz|'''for Windows/MinGWpl''']] == How can help you augment RAREMETALWORKER output with estimated odds ratio to Compile == * gfortran is necessary to build RAREMETALthe last column. If your system does not have it yet, please go to [ '''GNU gfortran'''] for download. * If you choose to build from the source files, you could start from decompress The script can also be found in the RAREMETAL package using the following command: prompt> tar xvf LINUX_raremetal.0.4.913.tgz prompt> cd raremetal_0.4.9 * If you prefer to build two tools all at once6 and later, then do the following: prompt> cd raremetal prompt> make #This builds RAREMETAL and RAREMETALWORKER under bin/ directory.  * If you prefer to build individual tool: prompt> cd raremetal/raremetalworker/src prompt> make #This will build RAREMETALWORKER under raremetal/bin/ directory.  prompt> cd raremetal/raremetal/src prompt> make #This will build RAREMETAL under raremetal/bin/ directory. * If your compiler is adaptable to openmp (parallel computing), then use the following to build RAREMETALWORKER that allows parallel computing. For more about openmp, please refer to [ openMP]. prompt> cd '''raremetal/raremetalworkerscript/src prompt> make openmp #This will build RAREMETALWORKER under raremetal/bin/ directorycalculateOddsRatio* If you prefer to use the binary file downloaded above, then no compiling is needed, but it is not guaranteed to work due to system and library requirements. ==FAQ== For compiling questions, please go to [ ''' FAQpl'''] for more information.

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