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To view a specific region of records (such as APOL1 g2 allele)
${GC}/bin/tabix ${OUT}/indel/final/all.genotypes.vcf.gz 22:36662041-36662041
The columns are CHROM, POS, ID, REF, ALT, QUAL, FILTER, INFO, FORMAT, Genotype fields denoted by the sample name.
GT:PL:DP:AD:GQ 0/0:0,96,158145:3:32,0,01:10 7 0/0:0,1812,281192:64:64,0,0:1812
Here is a description of the record's fields.
INFO : fields containing information about the variant.
FORMAT : format field labels for the genotype columns.
0/0:0,96,158145:3:32,0,01:10 7 : genotype information.
You can obtain the same output by using the following command
${GC}/bin/vt view -i 22:36990878-36990879 ${OUT}/indel/final/all.genotypes.vcf.gz
* -i specifies the region
* You can leave it out and look at all the records

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