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22 36662041 . AATAATT A 756 PASS AC=2;AN=114;AF=0.0175439;GC=55,2,0;GN=57;
GF=0.964912,0.0350877,0;NS=57; HWEAF=0.019571;HWEGF=0.961242,0.038376,0.000383024; MLEAF=0.0196187;MLEGF=0.960762,0.0392374,2.11537e-15; HWE_LLR=-0.0222464;HWE_LPVAL=-0.182794;HWE_DF=1; FIC=-0.00372601;AB=0.384578 GT:PL:DP:AD:GQ 0/0:0,6,145:3:2,0,1:7 0/0:0,12,192:4:4,0,0:12
Here is a description of the record's fields.
22 : chromosome 36662041 : genome position . : this is the ID field that is left blank. AATAATT : the reference sequence that is replaced by the alternative sequence below. A : so this is basically a deletion of GTATAATT. 756 : QUAL field denoting validity of this variant, higher the better. PASS : a passed variant. INFO AC=2... : fields containing information about the variant. FORMAT GT:PL:DP:AD:GQ : format field labels for the genotype columns. 0/0:0,6,145:3:2,0,1:7 : genotype information.
You can obtain the same output by using the following command

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