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SeqShop: Ancestry On Your Own Genome, December 2014

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== Setup ==
''If you were sequenced, set these valuesResume screen:'' export SAMPLE=Sample* source /net/seqshop-server/home/mktrost/seqshop/setupSS.txt source /net/seqshop-server/home/chaolong/LASERscreen -Tutorial/setup.txtr
''If you were not sequenced, set these valuesSource the LASER setup:'' export SAMPLE=NA12878 source /net/seqshop-server/home/mktrost/seqshop/setupSS.txt
source /net/seqshop-server/home/chaolong/LASER-Tutorial/setup.txt
(SAMPLE & OUT were previously set in your screen session.
After setting this, also do
== Restarting SNP Call on Return to Calling your own Genome ==Go to [[SeqShop: Calling Your Own Genome, December 2014#Restart_SnpCall|SeqShop: Calling Your Own Genome]] so and pick up where we can rerun SNP calling overnightleft off.

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