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What is new
rareMETALS is an R-package for performing single or gene-level tests for detecting rare variant associations. For questions regarding the use of this package, please contact Dajiang Liu (dajiang at umich dot edu) or Gonçalo Abecasis (goncalo at umich dot edu). The same methodology is also implemented in command line tools. Please see []
== What is new Change Log ==
* 01/24/2015 Version 5.8 is released, which fixed a serious bug for single variant unconditional association tests with group file. If you happen to run the analyses using in version 5.7, the results are likely to be incorrect. Please rerun using version 5.8. Please note only function is affected. All other functions should not be affected by this error.
* 01/04/2015 Version 5.7 is released, which added metrics for heterogeneity of genetic effects, including I2 and Q for single variant association statistics

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