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== Change Log ==
* 05/19/2015 Version 6.0 is released. Minor feature addition: rareMETALS can now output of the set of variants that are analyzed in VT (i.e. the set of variants with MAF < the threshold where the VT statistic is maximized).
* 04/01/2015 Version 5.9 is released (not a April's fool joke)! A bug in calculating Cochran-Q statistic is fixed. A bug in is also fixed. No other analyses are affected.
* 01/24/2015 Version 5.8 is released, which fixed a serious bug for single variant unconditional association tests with group file. If you happen to run the analyses using in version 5.7, the results are likely to be incorrect. Please rerun using version 5.8. Please note only function is affected. All other functions should not be affected by this error.

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