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The R package rareMETALS2 was an extension of the R package rareMETALS. It was designed to meta-analyze gene-level association tests for '''binary trait''' . While rareMETALS offers a near-complete solution for meta-analysis of gene-level tests for quantitative trait, it does not offer the optimal solution for binary trait. The package rareMETALS2 offers improved features for analyzing gene-level association tests in meta-analyses for '''binary trait'''. If you have any questions for using rareMETALS2 or rvtests, please post your questions to our '''google group'''!forum/raremetals
The package '''rareMETALS2''' is under development. It takes summary association statistics generated by rvtests as input. It offers the following unique features
* 1.) It allows the meta-analysis of samples with related individuals and samples with unrelated individuals, and allows approximate locally efficient estimate of genetic effect using effects.
* 2.) It allows the adjustment of covariates in meta-analysis.
* 3.) It allows conditional meta-analysis of single variant and gene-level associations.
To install the package, please use "R CMD INSTALL rareMETALS2_XXX.tar.gz" command, where XXX is the version number for rareMETALS2
== Forum to Ask Questions ==
I have created a '''google group''' for discussion on the usage and for bug reports etc. If you find any issues to the package and think that the discussions may also benefit others, please post them to the user group. Here is the link to the discussion group!forum/raremetals

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