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I have created a '''google group''' for discussion on the usage and for bug reports etc. If you find any issues to the package and think that the discussions may also benefit others, please post them to the user group. Here is the link to the discussion group!forum/raremetals
== Exemplar Datasets ==
The following exemplar datasets can be downloaded and tested with rareMETALS2 package.
* ''Score Statistics File''
[[example1.MetaScore.assoc.gz | example1.MetaScore.assoc.gz]].
[[example2.MetaScore.assoc.gz | example2.MetaScore.assoc.gz]].
* ''Covariance Matrix File''
[[example1.MetaCov.assoc.gz | example1.MetaCov.assoc.gz]].
[[example2.MetaCov.assoc.gz | example2.MetaCov.assoc.gz]].
== Meta-analysis of Single Variant Associations ==

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