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How to Compile
* If you choose to build from the source files, you could start from decompress the package using the following command:
prompt> tar xvf LINUX_raremetal.4.13.67.tgz prompt> cd raremetal_4LINUX_raremetal.4.13.67
* If you prefer to build two tools all at once, then do the following:
prompt> cd raremetal
prompt> make
#This builds RAREMETAL and RAREMETALWORKER under bin/ directory.
* If you prefer to build individual tool:
prompt> cd raremetalLINUX_raremetal.4.13.7/raremetalworker/src
prompt> make
#This will build RAREMETALWORKER under raremetal/bin/ directory.
prompt> cd raremetalLINUX_raremetal.4.13.7/raremetal/src
prompt> make
#This will build RAREMETAL under raremetal/bin/ directory.
* If your compiler is adaptable to openmp (parallel computing), then use the following to build RAREMETALWORKER that allows parallel computing. For more about openmp, please refer to [ openMP].
prompt> cd raremetal/raremetalworker/src
prompt> make openmp
#This will build RAREMETALWORKER under raremetal/bin/ directory.

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