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RAREMETAL Documentation

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Please email Sai Chen (saichen at umich dot edu) for questions.
== Change Log ==
* Version 0.0.1 released to U of M CSG group. (2/13/2013)
* Version 0.0.1 released. (2/24/2013)
* Version 0.1.2 released after fixing a few bugs, adding conditional analysis and automatic graphing to the tool. (8/5/2013)
* Version 0.2.9 released after fixing a bug in SKAT and writing PDF when all variants are monomorphic. (10/7/2013)
* Version 0.3.1 released to fix a bug when one of the alleles coded as missing.
* Version 0.4.0 released with a few bugs fixed to properly handling missing genotypes. Major change in command options. Now allow user to specify list of summary statistics files and covariance files separately using --summaryFiles and --covFiles options.
* Version 0.4.2 released with a bug fixed for SKAT when there are two variants in a group, and a bug fixed in Makefile for easy compiling.
* Version 0.4.4 released with a bug fixed when alleles are flipped in group file. (3/14/2014)
* Merged raremetal and raremetalworker in one package following version number of raremetalworker. Completed testing compiling on various platforms. (4/22/14)

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