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How do I get imputation quality estimates?
Estimated per allele error rate is 0.0293
A better approach is to mask a small proportion of SNPs (vs. genotypes in the above simple approach). One can generate a mask.dat from the original .dat file by simply changing the flag of a subset of markers from M to S2 without duplicating the .ped file. Post-imputation, one can use   [ CalcMatch ]and [ ]to estimate genotypic/allelic error rate and correlation respectively. Both programs can be downloaded from [].
'''Warning''': Imputation involving masked datasets should be performed separately for imputation quality estimation. For production, one should use all available information.
== How do I get reference files for an region of interest? ==
Note that you do not need to extract regional pedigree files for your own samples because SNPs in pedigree but not in reference will be automatically discarded. <br> 1. For HapMapII format, download haplotypes from <br> 2. For MACH format, you can do the following:
*First, find the first and last SNP in the region you are interested in. Say "rsFIRST" and "rsLAST", defined according to position.
== Install MaCH ==
We have source codes available through the MaCH download page: <br>
== More questions? ==
Email [ Yun Li] or [ Goncalo Abecasis].

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