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BamUtil: stats

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BaseQC (--pBaseQC and --cBaseQC and --baseSum)
=== BaseQC (<code>--pBaseQC</code> and <code>--cBaseQC</code> and <code>--baseSum</code>) ===
The <code>pBaseQC</code> and <code>cBaseQC</code> options generate per base statistics. Only one of these two options can be specified. They write statistics generated for each position to the file specified after the option(use '-' to write to STDOUT). They use the same logic for calculating statistics, but <code>pBaseQC</code> writes the statistics as percentages, and <code>cBaseQC</code> writes them as counts. The order of the statistics are also different.
The <code>baseSum</code> option can be used with either <code>pBaseQC</code> or <code>cBaseQC</code> or on its own. <code>baseSum</code> generates a summary of the per position statistics and writes it to stderr. It calculates the per position base statistics even if they will not be written anywhere (neither <code>pBaseQC</code> nor <code>cBaseQC</code> are specified).

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