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Resource Bundle
* Internal : /net/fantasia/home/atks/ref/vt/grch37
Read here for [ contents].
== GRCh38 ==
* Internal : /net/fantasia/home/atks/ref/vt/grch38
{| class="wikitable"|-! scope="col"| data set! scope="col"| samples! scope="col"| snps/indelsRead here for [ftp:/complex/sv! scope="col"| description |-|1000G.v5 <br>dbsnp138 <br>1000G.omni.chip <br>mills <br>mills.chip <br>affyshare.exomesph.chip <br>NA12878umich.broad.kb <br>NA12878.v7.illumina.platinum| 0<br>0<br>2141<br>0<br>158<br>2122<br>1<br>1 | 81316694/3296894/66806/59426 <br>10588965/2488793/69749/0 <br>2432554/5/0/0 <br>0/208753/0/0 <br>0/8904/0/0 <br>281875/34389/0/0 <br>281345/87389/152/0 <br>3702969edu/650764vt/13751grch38/0|1000G v5. [1000G 2015]<br>derived from GATK's resource bundle that excludes 1000G variants.<br>1000G individuals typed on the omni chip [1000G 2015]<br>indels from [Mills 2006]<br>indels from [Mills 2011]<br>1000G individuals and others typed on the affymetrix exome chip [1000G 2015]<br>from GATK's NA12878 knowledgebase.<br>Illumina's platinum genomes version 7|}  {| class="wikitable"|-! scope="col"| data set! scope="col"| no. of regions! scope="col"| total bases! scope="col"| description |-|mdust.bed.gz <br>gencode.v27.cds.bed.gz <br>trfreadme.lobstr.bed.gz| NA <br>NA <br>NA| NA<br>NA<br>NA|regions of low complexity annotated using mdust [Morgulis 2006]<br>coding sequence regions based on GENCODE v27 annotations [Harrow 2012txt contents]<br>tandem repeat finder STRs from lobSTR's resource bundle [Gymrek 2012]|} Note: Please let me know if I did not cite a resource properly.
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