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Pedigree File
= Pedigree File =
vt understands an augmented version introduced by [ Hyun] of the PED described by [ plink].
The pedigree file format is as follows with the following mandatory fields:
|ID of this family <br>
ID (s) of this individual (comma separated) <br>
ID of the father <br>
ID of the mother <br>
Sex of the individual. <br>Phenotype.
[A-Za-z_]+ (,[A-Za-z_]+)* <br>
[A-Za-z_]+ <br>
1 = male, 2 = female and , other = alternative, male, female<br>
Family ID Individual ID Paternal ID Maternal ID Sex (1=male; 2=female; other=unknown) Phenotype Examples:
ceu NA12878 NA12891 NA12892 female
yri NA19240 NA19239 NA19238 female
ceu NA12878 NA12891 NA12892 2
yri NA19240 NA19239 NA19238 2
ceu NA12878,NA12878A NA12891 NA12892 female yri NA19240 NA19239 NA19238 female  ceu NA12878,NA12878A NA12891 NA12892 0 yri NA19240 NA19239 NA19238 0 
= Resource Bundle =

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