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LibStatGen Download

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Official Releases
To install an official release, unpack the downloaded file (tar xvf), cd into the libStatGen directory and type <code>make all</code>.
'''LibStatGen.1.0.14 Release Notes'''
*Version 1.0.14 - Released 7/8/2015
** Contains classes for general processing (string, reference file, parameters), bam, glf, fastq, and vcf
*** General Updates:
**** Compiling Updates:
***** PedigreeLoader.cpp - fix bool vs int definition
***** InputFile - add 'const' to isOpen and ifeof methods. Also add comments about usage of 'operator >>'
*** Bam/Tabix Updates:
**** Update how the index is stored in memory to not preallocate the maximum number of bins for each reference as this could use a lot of memory if there are a lot of references
*** BAM Updates:
**** SamFilter
***** Update to clear MapQ and N/A flags when marking as unmapped
***** Fix bug in clipping logic that didn't properly adjust the start position if the read was already clipped
*** VCF Updates:
**** Add missing include for c++11

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