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**Initial release of just bamUtil. It started from the tool found in the deprecated StatGen repository.
**Contains: [[BamUtil: validate|validate]], [[BamUtil: convert|convert]], [[BamUtil: dumpHeader|dumpHeader]], [[BamUtil: splitChromosome|splitChromosome]], [[BamUtil: writeRegion|writeRegion]], [[BamUtil: dumpRefInfo|dumpRefInfo]], [[BamUtil: dumpIndex|dumpIndex]], [[BamUtil: readIndexedBam|readIndexedBam]], [[BamUtil: filter|filter]], [[BamUtil: readReference|readReference]], [[BamUtil: revert|revert]], [[BamUtil: diff|diff]], [[BamUtil: squeeze|squeeze]], [[BamUtil: findCigars|findCigars]], [[BamUtil: stats|stats]]
== Citation ==
If you use BamUtil, please cite our publication on GotCloud which includes BamUtil:
[ Jun, Goo, et al. "An efficient and scalable analysis framework for variant extraction and refinement from population scale DNA sequence data." Genome research (2015): gr-176552.]
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