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BAM Review Action Items

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** This allows calling code to set that option and then not have to check for failures since the code it calls would abort on a failure.
** Could/should this be achieved using exceptions? User can decide to catch them or let them terminate the program.
*<S>SamFile add a constructor that takes the filename and a flag to indicate open for read/write. (abort on failure to open)</s>** <S>Also have 2 subclasses one that opens for read, one for write: SamReadFile, SamWriteFile? Or SamFileRead, SamFileWrite?</s> <span style="color:blue">- went with SamFileReader and SamFileWriter</span>
* Add a function that says: skipInvalidRecords, validateRecords, etc.
** That way, ReadRecord will keep reading records until a valid/parseable one is found.

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