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BAM Review Action Items

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Accessing String Values
[[Category:libStatGen BAM]]
== Review Sept 20th ==
=== Notes ===
* returning const char*
* SamFileHeader change referenceContigs, etc to private from public
* Add way to copy a SAM record.
== Review Sept 17th ==
=== Topics Discussed ===
BAM Library FAQs:
Source Code:
Test code for setting values in the library:
=== Topics for Discussion ===
return mySequence.c_str();
const std::string& SamRecord::getSequence()
myStatus = SamStatus::SUCCESS;
if(mySequence.Length() == 0)
// 0 Length, means that it is in the buffer, but has not yet
// been synced to the string, so do the sync.
return &mySequence;
and passing in references to strings, like:
==== SamFileHeader ====
** <S>include links from the main library page and the SamFile page.</s>
** <S>look into why the one example have two if checks on SamIn status</s> <span style="color:blue">- one was printing the result and one was setting the return value - cleaned up to be in one if statement.</span>
* <S>Create 1 library for all of our library code rather than having libcsg, libbam, libfqf separated.</s>** <S>What should this library be called?</s> <span style="color:blue">- Created library: libstatgen and reorganized into a new repository: statgen.</span>*** <S>libdna</s>*** <S>libdna++</s>*** <S>libsequence++</s>*** <S>libDNA</s>*** <S>libgenotype</s>
* Add an option by class that says whether or not to abort on failure. (or even an option on each method)
** This allows calling code to set that option and then not have to check for failures since the code it calls would abort on a failure.

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