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Go to ►► Click "table" ►► Specify the fields required (clade: mammal, genome:human etc.) ►► In "track" filed, select "UCSC gene" ►► get output gene file
1. Gene file used should be of [ GenePred table format]. The following 11 fields are required and must be of the same order as shown below: string name; "Name of gene" string chrom; "Chromosome name" char[1] strand; "+ or - for strand" uint txStart; "Transcription start position" uint txEnd; "Transcription end position" uint cdsStart; "Coding region start" uint cdsEnd; "Coding region end" uint exonCount; "Number of exons" uint[exonCount] exonStarts; "Exon start positions" uint[exonCount] exonEnds; "Exon end positions" 
2. A detailed instruction on using the table browser could be found at [].
3. One can specify the region to be the whole genome or any particular gene position (e.g. chr21:33031597-33041570).

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