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These statistics refer to Intel X7460 CPU running at 2.66 GHz using 1 core and your mileage may vary; most modern CPUs should be no more than a few times faster (or slower) than that. The parallel version  If you are estimating model parameters at the same time as imputing missing genotypes, you can account for the time needed for parameter estimation with the following formula: :<math>E(\mbox{Run Time in Hours}) = N_{markers} * ({N_{individuals} + N_{rounds} * N_{states} * 0.75 }) * N_{haplotypes} * 10^{-11}</math> In this updated formula, N<sub>rounds</sub> represents the number of minimac will achieve an even better performanceiterations used for parameter refinement and N<sub>states</sub> represents the maximum number of reference and target haplotypes considered for each update.
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