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| <code>-d sample.dat</code>
| Data file in [ Merlin format]. It is important that markers Markers should be listed according to their order along the chromosome.
| <code>-p sample.ped</code>
| Pedigree file in [ Merlin format]. It is important that alleles Alleles should be labeled on the forward strand.
| <code>--states 200</code>
| Number of haplotypes to consider during each update. Increasing this value will typically lead to better haplotypes, but can also dramatically increase computing time and memory requirementsuse. A value of 100 - 400 is typical.
| <code>--rounds 50</code>
| <code>--compact</code>
| Tell [[MaCH]] to reduce Reduce memory use at the cost of approximately doubling runtime. This option is recommended for most GWAS scale datasets and computing platforms.

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