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MaCH: machX

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This page documents how to perform X chromosome (non-pseudo-autosomal part) imputation using MaCH [] and minimac [].
== Getting Started ==
=== Your Own Data === To get started, you will need to store your data in [[Merlin]] format pedigree and data files, one per chromosome. For details of the Merlin file format, see the Merlin tutorial [].
Within each file, markers should be stored by chromosome position. Alleles should be stored in the forward strand and can be encoded as 'A', 'C', 'G' or 'T' (there is no need to use numeric identifiers for each allele).
Note that for males hemizygotes are coded as homozygotes.
=== Reference Haplotypes === You can download the following reference haplotypes from MaCH download page [].
== Two-Step Imputation ==
=== Phase Your Own Data ===
=== Impute ===
== FAQ ==

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