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LibStatGen: FASTQ

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== How to Use the fastQValidator Library ==
*'''Description Coming SoonLibrary Name:'''libfqv.a*'''Include Files:''' FastQValidator.h, StringBasics.h (for String parameter)*'''Class Name:''' FastQValidator** Constructor Parameters:*** int minReadLength - The minimum length that a base sequence must be for it to be valid.*** int maxReportedErrors - The maximum number of errors that should be reported in detail before suppressing the errors.*** String baseType- Raw sequence type:**** "B" - Bases only;**** "C" - Color space only;**** "BC" - Bases & Color space*'''Validation Method:''' validateFastQFile** Parameters:*** String filename - fastq file to be validated.** Return Value*** bool: true if there were no errors in the file, false otherwise. 
== FastQ Validator Output ==
'''Description Coming Soon'''

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