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LibStatGen Repository

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= Download =
[[StatGen libStatGen Download | StatGen libStatGen Download Instructions]]
** development version of zlib (zlib1g-dev on ubuntu)
** openssl and md5 (libssl-dev on ubuntu)
** curses (libcurses-perl on ubuntu)
* Compiles on Linux/Unix
= Compile/Build =
# From the base statgen libStatGen directory, build the repository:
#* For normal (optimized) mode, type:
#** <code>make</code> or <code>make opt</code>
#* For debug, instead use:
#** <code>make OPTFLAG="-ggdb -O0”debug</code>#*For profiling, instead use:#* Note: that is the letter O followed by the number zero.* <code>make profile</code>#* When switching between debug & non-For all three (optimized, debug, prior to typing the new 'make' calland profile), type:#** <code>make cleanall</code>
 This build both builds the [[C++ Library: libStatGen|library]] and . Now all of the [[Software#Programs.2FTools|programs/tools]] are in the repositoryseparate repositories and can be built separately.
= Troubleshooting =

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