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C++ Library: libStatGen

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***Cigar – interpretation and mapping between query and reference
***Pileup – structured access to data by individual reference position
Currently the repository is recommended for Unix/Linux users with access to the GNU C++ compiler.
= Using libStatGen =
'''If you use this software, please e-mail me, Mary Kate Trost, at'''
Here are links to the copyrights for our code and some of the utilities it uses:
*[ Our Copyright GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE] and [ Our Copyright Note]
*[ Copyright for MERSENNE TWISTER (used in Random.cpp)]
*[ Samtools Copyright (MIT License)]
Copies of these can be found in our library under libStatGen/copyrights/.
= Where to Find It =
If you decide to use git, but need a refresher, see [[How To Use Git]] or [ Notes on how to use git] (if you have access)
libStatGen can also be found within certain releases of statgen tools. The tools will have a release version that also includes a copy of libStatGen.
= What has changed =

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