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LibStatGen Repository

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[[Category:Software]][[Category:C++]][[Category:libStatGen]] = Download =[[libStatGen Download | libStatGen Download Instructions]]  = Dependencies =* This software requires the following to be installed:** g++** development version of zlib (zlib1g-dev on ubuntu)** openssl and md5 (libssl-dev on ubuntu)* Compiles on Linux/Unix  = Compile/Build =# From the base libStatGen directory, build the repository:#* For normal (optimized) mode, type:#** <code>make</code> or <code>make opt</code>#* For debug, instead use:#** <code>make debug</code>#* For profiling, instead use:#** <code>make profile</code>#* For all three (optimized, debug, and profile), type:#** <code>make all</code>  This builds the [[C++ Library: libStatGen|library]]. Now all of the programs/tools are in separate repositories and can be built separately. = Troubleshooting =If you are having trouble compiling any of the versions, check [[libStatGen Troubleshooting]] for help. If that does not solve your problem, email me for support.  = Programs in the StatGen Repository =The list of programs in the repository is documented at: [[Software#Programs.2FTools|StatGen Programs]]  = Creating your Own Programs Using the StatGen Library ='''The StatGen Library is part contents of the StatGen Repository. You can use the library to create your own C++ programs. this page have been merged into [[C++ Library: libStatGen|Using the StatGen Library]]'''

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