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C++ Library: libStatGen

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Where to Find It
= Where to Find It =
libStatGen can be found at: []
libStatGen can also be found within certain releases of statgen tools. The tools will have a release version that also includes a copy of libStatGen.
On github, you can both browse and download the latest version of the library, as well as explore the history of changes.
You can access the latest version with or without using git.
== Using Git To Track the Current Development Version ==
=== Clone (get your own copy) ===
You can create your own git clone (copy) using:
git clone
git clone git://
Either of these commands create a directory called <code>libStatGen</code> in the current directory.
Then just <code>cd libStatGen</code> and [[C++ Library: libStatGen#Building the Library|compile the library]].
=== Get the latest Updates (update your copy) ===
To update your copy to the latest version (a major advantage of using git):
# <code>cd pathToYourCopy/libStatGen</code>
# <code>make clean</code>
# <code>git pull</code>
# <code>make all</code>
=== Git Refresher ===
If you decide to use git, but need a refresher, see [[How To Use Git]] or [ Notes on how to use git] (if you have access)
== Getting the Latest Development Version without Using Git ==
Periodically download the latest copy from github from the "Downloads" link on the webpage or [].
The downloaded tar file is named "statgen-libStatGen-''someHexNumber''.tar.gz". The directory created when it is untared shares the same base name. I recommend that you do not change the name of the directory. If you want one called libStatGen, create a link to this directory. The hex number in the directory name identifies the version of the library that you downloaded and is necessary to easily troubleshoot any issues you encounter. If you must rename the directory, be sure to record the hex number that was on the download for future reference.
== Released Versions ==
Released Versions are documented at [[libStatGen Download]]
= What has changed =

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