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LibStatGen: FASTQ

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== Library Output ==
When a sequence is read, error messages for the first maxReportedErrors are output for failed [[#Validation Criteria Used For Reading a Sequence|Validation Criteria]].
For Example:
ERROR on Line 25: The sequence identifier line was too short.
ERROR on Line 29: First line of a sequence does not begin wtih @
ERROR on Line 33: No Sequence Identifier specified before the comment.
*Prints error messages for errors up to the configurable maximum number of reportable errors.
*[[FastQ Validator|Standalone Program for Validating a FastQ File]]
== Additional Wishlist - Not Implemented ==
*Add an option that would reject raw sequence and quality strings that wrap over multiple lines. It would only allow 1 line per raw sequence/quality string.
*Maybe report 2 types of information to the user: ERROR (critical failure) and WARNING (tolerable errors).

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