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Configure GotCloud

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You will not need to set or know about most of the settings, however, there are
some things you'll want to know about to make using GotCloud as simple to use as possible.
'''Configure For Your Batch Environment'''
GotCloud supports two options to allow you to submit the work from the aligner and umake
to run on your local cluster.
There are many different types of clusters and the details of their interfaces vary for each installation.
As distributed GotCloud contacts support for these:
* SGE (Sun Grid Engine)
You can specify the type of cluster with the option '''-batchtype'''. In addition you can pass options
to that cluster system with the option '''-batchopt'''.
For example, here are examples of invocations of the aligner using these batch systems:
''' -conf ~/testalign.conf -out ~/outtest -batchtype slurm -batchopts "--mem 8g"'''
''' -conf ~/testalign.conf -out ~/outtest -batchtype mosix -batchopts "-b"'''
''' -conf ~/testalign.conf -out ~/outtest -batchtype mosix -batchopts "-15,16,17"'''
''' -conf ~/testalign.conf -out ~/outtest -batchtype sge'''
The interface to actually submit a job to a cluster is coded in '''scripts/'''
(probably installed in ''/usr/local/gotcloud'').
You may need to (and should) modify this code to work with your particular cluster system,
whether it be to handle options in some manner or add an entirely new batchtype.

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