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--maxReportedErrors : Maximum number of errors to display before suppressing them (Defaults to 20).
--ignoreAllErrors : Ignore all errors (same as --maxReportedErrors 0), overwrites the maxReportedErrors option.
--printBaseComp : turns on the printing of Base Composition Statistics.
--disableAllMessages : turns off all prints, including errors, and summary
statistics (Defaults to enabled). Does not turn off
Base Composition printing if printBaseComp is set.
'''Optional Space Options for Raw Sequence (Last one specified is used):'''
Input Parameters
--file [testFile.txt], --printBaseComp [ON], --disableAllMessages, --minReadLen [10]
Space Type : --baseSpace [ON], --colorSpace, --autoDetect
Errors : --ignoreAllErrors, --maxReportedErrors [100]

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